There is no difference between Religion & Science :-

 l am a personal astronomy researcher. I love truth so I hate lies. Therefore everyone of my writings is true and correct. Now I am going to write about my some of the discoveries on the science subject. My main point is that both religion and science are only two forms of truth.

Relation and science are two different aspects of a compass
Relation and science are two different aspects of a compass 

I hope all the listeners will like the words of my discovery. you will be pleased to learn that I discovered some important things on science. I know little English so you should have to read it carefully please. I am a general observator of  Science and Religion. I have been able to decorate of this subject by  "Law of rotation of a concentric object" properly. And my other achievement is "I can assert that I am the only person who has been able to explain Newton's law of gravitation in a more modern way.deliver some data to you only by this blog properly. I have due respect for all religious books and the Quran is one of them. As far as I know, I think most people acquire knowledge for their own benefit, be it for wealth or knowledge.  We do not know how to praise others, as the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to do.  The fact is that we want to serve the society by fulfilling our personal needs, so we cannot always serve the society.  The fact is that we do not make proper use of knowledge.  Everyone knows why people do not use the right knowledge but it is very difficult to express it in words. I want to do all my work for the cause of Islam. If you say that there is no similarity between science and religion, or there is no true content like mathematics in religion, above all, there is no correct guidance in mathematics, astronomy and  physics in Al-Quran.  Then you have left religion and are on the path of non-religion and have left true science and chosen the path of false science, which is the path of scientist Darwin, Koper Nikas and scientist Stephen Hawking, they are the path of misguided science.  Where truth cannot be found.  This claim of mine is the claim of Al-Quran, the claim of true science.

  I want to broadcast my discovery everywhere in the world.  I have been researching this topic since 1998.  Below is some of my information :-

 1. The earth is fixed point in this universe but it has diurnal motion.


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