religion vs. science ?

Religion vs. Science ?


Why science is not in conflict with religion ?

 Ans :- Only when science is incomplete can it misrepresent the Qur'an. It is 100% proven.

An ideal question about religion and science :-
Mahmudur Rahman, writes  >>
Those who have a small amount of brain health, because they can not believe in any religion. The prophecies are supposed to be more accurate than Mathematics, but every prophecy in the world is controversial and conflicts with science !
  Answer: -
There is no such thing as being more accurate than Mathematics, but it may be that prophecies are as accurate as Mathematics. Religion is not in conflict with science, but unrighteousness is in conflict with non-science.

Rotation of the earth
Earth's duernal motion 

  By comparing religion with mathematics, I am basically comparing it with astronomy. Astronomy is one of the most talked about verses in the Qur'an about science.

This astronomy is described in the Qur'an as referring to more than twenty verses. Rather,

we see science as an integral part of religion

If you memorize the following points well, then religion will never seem unscientific.
1. The earth is round and stationary in the universe.
2.  The earth completes one orbit on its own axis in about 86164.0996 seconds Or 23 hours 56 minutes 4.100 seconds ( Upcoming values ​​up to three   decimals ).
3.  We know that the moon takes 27.32166 days ( 2360591.5 seconds ) to complete one orbit around the earth. And so on, we know that The sun takes 365.256363 days 
( 31558149.5 seconds ) to complete one orbit around the earth.
3.  Newton's law of gravity is wrong, It is proven.
It is well-established fact that Mercury orbit the sun in 87.97 days, Venus is orbiting the sun in 224.7 days,  Mars is orbiting the sun in 686.98 days, Jupiter is orbiting the sun in 11.86 years. Their distances from the sun 0.387 AU, 0.723 AU, 1.524 AU and 5.203 AU respectively.
Modern law of gravitation. This is  a real law of gravitation.
F = G.(M+m)m/R²
If you can accept these conditions, then you will see that there will be no difference between religion and science.
Note that this problem is due to the distance of Islamic Scholars from science.  I am hopeful that such problems will go away in a few days.  I will answer all anti-Islamic remarks, especially on astronomy.  I personally know and believe that Al-Quran is 100% divine.  Besides, we do not accept the Vedas, the Bible and other prophecies as absolute truths like the Qur'an because some of them have been changed.  And this is why I love the Muslim Ulama because if they had not kept the Qur'an intact today, I would not have known the truth that our Earth is stable !  Not just stable but absolutely 100% stable.  Now that we have this Earth is fixed, Now we can safely do research with the rest of the Heavenly Bodies  --- the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets, the satellites, comets, meteors and nebulae.  Otherwise, there would be only one doubt which could be almost solved.  We can use all the scriptures except Al-Quran as alternative evidence.
What is ten and two?
Ans: - If you add twelve, if you subtract eight, if you multiply twenty, if you divide five and if you make a mistake you will get innumerable answers.
Anyway, no matter how much I hear insults from my wife, I am saying and will say that I have spoken against the opponents of Islam.
I hope I have been able to explain the matter to you that Science is an integral part of Religion.

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