Solar System in the Quran

Great scientist Galileo Galilee said that the sun is at the centre, not the earth. On the other hand, the popes of the church made a statement that the earth is stable and it is at the center, not the sun.

 Now Look at the Modern Geo-Helio Centric model 

Geo-Helio Centric Model

Modern Geo-Helio Centric Model 

 There are three models of solar families in astronomy.

 1. Geo-centric model - It is an ancient model where the earth is completely stationary.  And the moon, the sun, and the planets all revolve around our earth.  The idea for this model comes from a misinterpretation of religion.  There is no scientific explanation to mention here.  This doctrine is best known for the doctrine of Aristotle (384BC - 322BC).

 Then Ptolemy (90AD - 168AD) explained this astronomy in a new way, albeit in a scientific way.  His scientific explanation has been going on for a long time.  This period was about 1500 years.

 2. Solar-centric model

 When people began to advance in the science of knowledge.  When people observed astronomy in more detail, they discovered that the planets revolved around the sun.  The main proponent of this doctrine was the famous astronomer Copernicus (1473AD - 1543AD).  He was the first to notice that planets like Mercury, Venus, etc. were orbiting the Sun.  This model is called the solar-centric model.  The main problem with this theory is that we have no scientifically proven evidence that the earth is orbiting around the sun.  One proof that it is not completely flawless is the gravitational law of the scientist Sir Isaac Newton.  Only Newton's law of gravitation proves that the earth is orbiting around the sun.  The fact of the matter is that it is not without flaws, it is in complete conflict with religion.

 3. Geo-Helio Centric model - This is a proven model that is not in conflict with true modern science and religious prophecy but complements each other. It needs to be mentioned here that the Earth has Diurnal motion like other planets. And the orbits of all the moving celestial bodies in the sky are elliptical.

 Note that the famous Indian mathematician Aryabhata also heard the theory that our Earth is rotating on its own axis.  On the other hand, the moon and the solar system are orbiting the earth again.  We can call this model a Modern Geo-Helio centric model.

 Note that in the absence of proper evidence during research, it is often not possible to come to the right conclusions.  That is why conflicting doctrines are heard about Aryabhata (476 AD- 550 AD).  Some say he adhered to the solar-centric model while others said he was a proponent of the geo-solar-centric model.  To me this contradictory doctrine carries the identity of  Aryabhata's knowledge.  Tycho Brahe (1546AD-1601AD) then emerged as the main architect of modern astronomy.  He is the most acceptable model to go with our gift.  His famous model is called the Geo-Helio Centric model.  However, in this model, the orbits of the moon, sun and planets were shown in a circle.  Overall, this model would be a perfect combination of religion and modern science.  The Qur'an contains:

 "When Yusuf (Joseph) said to his father: O my father! I saw in a dream the eleven planets and the sun and the moon, I saw them prostrating themselves to me." (12: 4) 

  This verse is used metaphorically here.   Here Joseph's meaning is earth;  The sun is caught by his father and the moon is caught by his mother and the planets are captured by his brother. And this verse will have a practical meaning that the eleven stars, the sun and moon that's mean our solar family and moon are moving around the earth.  The main explanation is that the whole solar system and the moon are orbiting our earth.   Another point found by the interpretation of this verse is that the eleven moving stars in the sky are planets.

 It is said in the Vedas - Vishnu (Sun) travels around the Earth and his footsteps are firmly established in space;  He takes three types of steps (Uttarayan, Dakshinayan and Parikraman).  This prophecy proves that the moon and the sun are orbiting around the earth.

 All of these prophecies prove that the earth is completely stationary;  The moon and the sun continue to orbit the earth.

 Scientific Evidence It is geometrically proven that our earth must be stationary.  But the earth makes a full rotation on its own axis in 23 hours 56 minutes 4.1 seconds. On the other hand the stars in the sky are fixed point. So it is very easy to prove with this Diurnal motion of the earth that the moon orbits the earth in 27.3217 days and the sun in 365.2564 full orbits.

   Scientific evidence

 Geometrically it proves that our earth must be stationary.


   When the Diurnal motion of the earth is E 

 E = 86164.1 seconds

 The Earth rotation period relative to the Moon or One Lunar day is Em 

 Em = 24hr 50min 28.33sec

   = 89428.33 seconds

Law Of Rotation of concentric Object 

  The Moon's periodic time around the earth is M

  M = Me × E / (Me - E) sec.

 M = 2360590.88 seconds

     = 27.32165 days

 The moon  orbits the earth once in  27.3217 days.

 The Diurnal motion of the earth E 

 E = 86164.1 seconds

  The Earth rotation period relative to the Sun or One Solar day is Es 


 Es = 86400 seconds. 

 The Sun's periodic time around the earth is S 

 S = Es × E / (Es-E)

 = 31558195.17 seconds.  = 365.2569 days

 The sun  orbits the earth once in 365.2564 days.

 Therefore, it is proved that our earth is stationary and the moon orbits the earth once in 27.32166 days and the sun in 365.2564 days.  This means that the Geo-Helio Centric model is the most acceptable and accurate.

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