The distance between heaven and earth is 500 years path

The distance between heaven and earth 

 What is the real mystery of the distance of the sun from the earth 500 years path ?  What do we get from meaning of the qur'an and the hadith ?

The distance from the earth to the sky ( sun ) is 500 years path 

500 years of the horse rider's path
500 years of the horse rider's path

 When talking about the distance of the sky ( sun ), the great creator did not only talk about time, but also about the specific speed, but the speed is implied here. This 500 years path is the brightest sun in our first sky.  And this 500-year journey is the distance traveled by an Arabian horse for 500 years.  The rule of the tour is to travel 6 hours in the morning and rest in the afternoon and travel 6 hours from afternoon to some part of the night i.e. travel about 12 hours every day and rest 12 hours.  This was the normal rule of a horse riding tour.  Thus the distance that a horseman travels 500 years is the distance to the sun.  There is no doubt that the sun is an important destination in the sky because all the planets revolve around the sun except the earth only.  We know that when the Sun is farthest away in the apogee state the distance is 152000000 km then the speed will be about 71.49 km ≈ 71 km per hour since one lunar month = 29.53059 days.
Therefore one lunar year = 29.53059 × 12 = 354.37 days.  That means the horse will have speed in the hour

 15,20,00,00 / (500 × 354.37 × 12)

 = 71.49 km / h. 

 Again when the sun comes close to the earth the distance will be 14,72,00,000 km.  This is called perigee then the speed of the horse

 14,72,00,000 / (500 × 354.37 × 12) = 69.23 km / h 

≈ 69 km / h. 

 That means the average speed of the horse will be {(69 + 71) 2}

 = 70 km / h.

Now think about how beautifully Allah the Almighty explained the distance of the sun in such a simple way !  Allah may have spoken of the distance of the important celestial object in the sky through the distance of this 500 year path.  For this reason, Allah has only spoken of time and not of any specific distance.  Allah may have spoken of the distance of the important celestial object sun in the sky through this 500 year path distance, the first spoke of the sky and the last spoke of the sky using different speeds.  That is why Allah spoke only of distance and not of time. So that man can wisely determine the distance by setting the speed of the things tested.  Take, for example, the short distance to the distance of 70 years, the distance to the moon, which is the walking path of an ordinary person.  And the path of 500 years refers to the special distance of the sun which is the path of the speed of a fast horse.  Here the sun is relatively far from the moon.  As such we can say that the path of 50,000 years is the distance of a particular celestial body or the distance of the first sky which travels at the speed of light.  In this way we can make religious thinking much more far-reaching. Many may think that Islam came 1500 years ago and that the parallax was discovered 2,000 years ago, so the theory of two thousand years ago has been rewritten in Islam.  This idea is not correct because the main content of Islam depends on the  Divine Word.  Besides, Islam does not rely on any wrong theory.


Horizontal parallax of the Sun
Geo-centric parallax of the Sun

Geocentric parallax of the Sun 

The parallax of the sun is determined by the planets that are closest to the earth. This parallax of the Sun in particular is determined with the help of Mars or Venus.

 Horizontal parallax of the Moon

Horizontal parallax of the moon

Horizontal parallax of the moon 

 The parallax of the moon is determined with the help of the star located in the distant sky.  The stars are located far away in the sky, their geocentric parallax is zero. The stars being very far away, so everyone will see it in the same direction. But the moon is close to the earth, it can be seen in two different directions from two places. So the lunar parallax is determined with the help of stars. However, the main point is that we can easily determine the distance between the moon and the sun with the help of parallax.

We should know that this parallax was the first to determine the distance between the moon or the sun from the earth. The first known astronomical measurement using parallax is thought to have occurred in 189 B.C. This great work was done by the Greek great astronomer Hipparchus. Although he did something wrong.
According to the Qur'an and Hadith, the speed of the horse is about 69 to 71 km per hour.  That is, in the language of mathematics 69 < x < 71. Here x is the speed of the horse per hour.  According to the Qur'an and Hadith, the distance of the Sun from the Earth is 500 years path.The path of 500 years in Islam is nothing but a miracle.
Note that there is a key mystery to the fact that speed is completely implied here.  The secret is that we use a weighing machine to weigh ordinary things. And we use other techniques to measure the weight of tiny atoms.  Again we use other techniques to measure the weight of the earth, the moon and the sun, with the help of the gravitational formula.  In the same way, Allah has taken the speed of a horse to mean something far away.  The distance that is meant is a special position in the sky, that is, the distance to the sun.  This idea was a concept one and a half thousand years ago when the highest speed in practical things was the horse.  But nowadays people have measured the speed of sound, measured the speed of light.  Now the highest velocity is the speed of light.  So from now on it is very easy for us to assume that the place where light reaches 500 years now is the boundary of the first sky.  Again, in the future, if anything faster than light is found, it will be the limit of the last sky.

 Thus Allah the Almighty has explained to us many important distances by the path of 70 years, the path of 500 years, the path of 1 thousand years and the path of 50 thousand years.  This is the superiority of the Qur'an.  That is, Allah  has used this technique to mean many things in one.

 This is why it is said that a verse of the Qur'an can mean more than one important thing.


 Question: How far is the sun from the earth?
 Answer: The distance of the sun from the earth is 500 years.

 Question: Why does the Qur'an say that the distance to the sky is 500 years?
 Answer: The great creator implied speed to mean the distance of more than one thing, such as the distance of the sun from the earth is 500 years of a horse's journey.  In other words, if a person is able to go to the sky on horseback, it will take him 500 years to reach the sun.

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