The presence of layers of the atmosphere in the Quran

The Qur'an says that the earth is completely protected by the layers of atmosphere of about 1000 km !  I wondered how authentic mathematics was, how true and the core of science.  And the Quran is the basis of truth, but why is there no mention of mathematics in the Quran ?  That mistake was broken today !  Who can pay the price of a verse of the Quran ?  See how great is Allah !  how great is the mathematician, how great is the narrator of the story. Allah  says :

 وَلِسُلَيْمَٰنَ ٱلرِّيحَ غُدُوُّهَا شَهْرٌ        وَرَوَاحُهَا شَهْرٌ 

 ( Surah Saba 34 : 12 )

 "  And I subjected to Solomon (peace be upon him) the wind, which used to pass a month's journey in the morning and a month's journey in the afternoon."
(34: 12)

Sulaiman peace be upon him) used to ascend the throne with his family and courtiers.  The wind was under his control and he could take the throne wherever he wanted.  He traveled a month from morning to noon and a month from afternoon to night.  In this way he could easily cross the path of two months in one day.  Today mathematics is proving that he was able to orbit the whole earth in one day i.e. six hours in the morning and six hours in the afternoon i.e. a total of 12 hours.  One verse of the Quran explains another verse.  I have seen in the explanation of a verse of Shura Assazdah and the explanation of the 500 year's path of Hadith that the distance of the orbit of the sun from the earth is certain, here the speed is implied and this implied speed is the speed of a horse riding.  This verse can also be interpreted differently by changing the speed.  It needs to be mentioned here that I think the earth is stationary and the moon and the sun orbit the earth in their specific orbits so I talked about the orbit of the sun.  Therefore a distance of 500 year's path is 1 AU.  One year's path will be 149598000 ÷ 500 ~ 300000 km. So a horseman in a year of Arabic will cover a distance of about 3 lakh kilometers.  Therefore the distance traveled in 12 months will be 300000 km.  And the distance of the two-month route is about 50,000 km.  Solomon (peace be upon him) used to cross this path in 12 hours.  And during this time he had two flights and two landings.  Assuming that the height at which he flew, Suppose he flew X kilometers above the earth.

Total layers of atmosphere
Layers of atmosphere 
 Therefore the equation would be : -  4x + 2π (R + x) = 49866 
we get from the equation x = 959 
Therefore he was able to fly at an altitude of 959 km.  This is the total layers of atmosphere of the Earth.  And the average speed of Solomon's (peace be upon him) throne was (49866 ÷ 12) = 4155 km / h.  Apparently the height of 959 indicates the sum of the layers of atmosphere of the earth. How scientific is the Quran !  And if we only talk about the journey, excluding the Flight and the Landing, then the journey in one year will be 149598000 ÷ 500 ~ 300000 km. The journey in 2 months will be about 50,000 km.  This 50,000 km route was traveled by Solomon in just one day.  We know that the circumference of the earth is 2πr. In this case the equation would be 2πr = 50,000


 r = 7,958 km.  It is the radius of the earth including the layers of atmosphere.  The average radius of the earth is 6368 km.  As such, the Earth's atmosphere will expand to about 1590 km.  For the convenience of calculation, the extent of these layers atmosphere of the earth can cover about 1600 km.  Modern research has shown that the gravitational force of the Earth and the value of the existence of the layers of atmosphere above 1600 km of the Earth is almost zero.

  Q.   What are the layers of the atmosphere and their height ranges ?

  1.  Troposphere. (0 - 12 ) km

  2.  Stratosphere. 12 -50 ) km
  3.  Mesosphere. ( 50 - 80 ) km
  4.  Thermosphere. ( 80 - 700 ) km
  5.   Exosphere.  ( 700 - 1,000 ) km 
  6.  Magnetosphere ( 3,000 - 16,000 ) km

 All the elements exist within one thousand to one and a half thousand kilometers of the atmosphere.


 This blog is entirely the product of my own research.  It has been proven by modern science that this 1,000 to 16,00 km. of these layers of atmosphere is protecting our earth in various ways. 
This blog will show you how Al-Qur'an has articulated this important theory.


 Question : How many kilometers above the surface of the earth is the atmosphere ?
   Answer : We have a vast expanse of atmosphere from about 1000 to 1600 kilometers from the surface of the earth.  This atmosphere protects our earth from various damages.

 Question :  How does the Qur'an describe the vast atmosphere of the earth ?
  Answer : Al-Qur'an has expressed the expansion of this atmosphere of the earth in a completely mathematical way through subtle hints.

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